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These pages will give you all information that you need to apply for a position at Bangkok Patana School. Please note that unfortunately CVs emailed or sent to school will not be included in the short listing process so it is essential to apply online if you want your application to be considered.

The opportunity to present further information, beyond the details required on the online application, is provided via the letter of application section of the online form. This section allows you to expand your application and include as much detail as you wish about your philosophy of education and your teaching experiences. The letter of application plays a crucial part in the short listing process.

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New users need to register in order to access the online application form. Once you have registered you will be able to save your application and return to it at any time using your username and password. This facility is available up to the expiry date of the positions that you have selected or until you finally submit your application..

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  • If you have any questions on the recruitment process, or technical problems in the operation of this site, please contact susb@patana.ac.th