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Resistant Materials: Design and Development

As an introduction to IGCSE Resistant Materials, Year 10 students have been designing and developing ideas through modelling. Given a design brief to support a smartphone for easy viewing, our young designers set about the task of generating ideas. With the main focus of the project to develop ideas and gain an understanding of the industrial manufacturing processes that we have here at Bangkok Patana, they set about developing a product suitable for mass production on the laser cutter.

Initially, low fidelity cardboard models were used to communicate ideas before selecting solutions for further development against product design specifications. Now at a stage where the first products have been independently manufactured by our students, the design teams will continue to follow an iterative design process where improvements will be identified and implemented through rigorous user trials. Here's what the students think of the project:

“This project has taught me a variety of different skills and techniques in order to produce a phone stand. We had to use many tools and equipment such as the laser cutter and the line bender. Brainstorming our ideas in our sketchbooks, we first created our designs with cardboard which enabled us to manufacture ideas much quicker than using the final material, acrylic.” - Norapat

"Through an iterative design process, we developed five initial ideas that were tested with specific design specifications. We then further developed three of these ideas. Our work was presented to our classmates as an exhibition and we received detailed feedback. One final design was selected against detailed product design specifications and following an iterative process, was further improved. Final products were manufactured using industrial standard laser cutters." – Khushi and Maitri

Resistant Materials: Design and Development